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Manifesto 2019

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Below is an updated Manifesto. No changes have been made, just reorganized and condensed and re worded. We have not made any changes to the manifesto since 2016 so I thought it would be good to update and make it clearer and concise. I left the old one up still so if you want you can compare. We will remove the old one in September. If you have any questions let me know.

>>>actually I changed the date when buy ins are due from September to June 1st since we have been collecting for the following year by the end of the NHL playoffs. this allows us to make sure everyone is committed for the following year and if they weren't we know in June vs Aug/Sep.

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Elite Fantasy Keeper League (EFKL) Manifesto

Commissioners: Brandon and Jarrett

Website: ESPN site and a separate forum site (for discussions, roster and draft charts, trading block, league history)

Cost: $50 yearly buy-in (due on June 1st for the following year)

Number of Teams: 12

Playoff Champion $350
Regular Season Winner $200
Highest Regular Season Weekly Total $50 (matchups with more than 7 days do not qualify - first 7 days do count though)

League Type: Head to Head – Points

Matchup Details:
-Runs from Monday to Sunday
-Rosters lock every Monday at the start of the first game that day
-Regular season matchups are 1 week long
-Playoff matchups are 2 weeks long (allows you to set different rosters for week 1 and then week 2)

Scoring Categories:

For Skaters: G (5pts), A (5), Shots (0.2), +/- (1)
For Goalies: W (7 points), SO (7), Saves (0.2), GA (-1)

Roster Size: 25 players on your team

Roster Positions: 2 Goalies, 4D, 2LW, 2C, 2 RW, 3 forwards, 10 bench

Keeper Rules: 12 Keepers + up to 3 Prospects spots (Prospect – player that has been signed by an NHL club and has played no more than 82 NHL regular season games, no more than 41 NHL regular season games for prospect goalies – refer to hockeydb.com for NHL game totals) - you can keep 15 prospects or 0 if you wanted. You have 12 keeper spots (which can be prospects if you want), plus up to 3 additional prospect spots after your 12 keeper slots.

-8 of 12 teams make the playoffs
-Highest seed always faces lowest seed

Tie breakers:

-matchup tie breakers: the team that finishes the week with the most goals
-seeding tie breakers: the team that has the most total season points

Drafts and Free Auction Bidding
-September Draft – is a slow 10 round draft that takes place on the forum site near the end of September (upon completion of the September Draft you must have at least 3 prospects on your team) – if you have less than 10 September picks due to trading, you will be able to fill your roster up to 25 players upon completion of the 10 round initial draft, with a round 11, 12, 13 etc…)

-Mid Season Draft – is a slow 3 round draft that takes place on the forum site around Mid December (in order to draft 3 players in this draft you would need to drop 3 players from your current team so you have 3 empty slots; you can never go over 25 players on your team)- you must have all players dropped a week before the start of the draft (no trades from after drop day until after mid season draft that will result in a player being dropped in the FA pool)

-Free Auction Bidding – occurs on the ESPN site Mid January up until the trade deadline -given $50 fantasy money to place bids on players for each following Sunday at 8pm et (minimum $2 bid)

Draft Order (non snake order):

-DEC Draft - order is determined by regular season standings approx 10 days prior to Dec draft (i.e. 12th place team gets 1st pick, 11th place team gets 2nd pick…)
-September Draft order from 5th to 12th is determined by where the teams finished in the regular season (i.e. 1st place gets 12th pick, 2nd place gets 11th…)

-September Draft order from 1st to 4th is determined by -see below (Change to bottom 4 draft pick rankings - sept 2015)
The bottom 4 in the Regular Season are all awarded a % based on where they finish. This % will be for your odds of getting that 1st OA pick.

9th Place will receive - 5%
10th Place will receive - 10%
11th Place will receive - 15%
12th Place will receive - 20%

Now the 4 remaining teams will battle it out over the next 6 weeks (during playoffs) and the team with the most points comes 1st. You will now get a % based on where you finish.

1st (Winner of 4 team total points for battle) will receive - 20%
2nd Place will receive - 15%
3rd Place will receive - 10%
4th place will receive - 5%

In the end you will take your % from Regular Season and add it uo with % from playoffs and that will be your chances of getting 1st overall pick.

Hopefully this will minimize the benefits of tanking. A team that is clearly tanking by the way they set their weekly roster will be looked at if they are affecting integrity of league. You must set your best roster week in week out regardless of situation. You cant bench Sidney Crosby who has 4 games in favour of say Devon Setogutchi who has 1 game. You cant start guys who arent even active in NHL over guys who play every night.

-Trades take the required 24 hours to process
-You can trade September picks 1-10 or January picks 1-3 for the following draft (no other future draft pick trading)
-When September 1st comes the following years September drafts picks become available to trade
-Trade Deadline will be the Sunday prior to starting the 4th last matchup in the regular season (i.e. no more roster moves for the last 4 weeks and playoffs
-No conditions allowed on trades
-GMs can private message/email one or both of the commissioners if they feel that collusion/cheating is taking place (i.e. someone traded Crosby for Bozak)
-Commissioner's, along with the feedback from other GM's, will ultimately decide if a trade will be vetoed which will only occur on situations where trades are clearly a product of collusion or cheating (in 10 years in our other league no trade has ever had to be vetoed, and I feel confident that with this group of guys we will not have to resort to this)

Player Eligibility (i.e. if player isn’t in ESPN player pool) –


Players are eligible to be drafted in our league if they are drafted/signed by an NHL team or have previously played in the NHL and are available in ESPN's list of available players. Sometimes rarer players (i.e. 5th round pick or KHL signing) yet to play an NHL game are not shown in ESPN. If the player you want is not shown in ESPN pool then pick up a bum player available and notify the league immediately that this is a placeholder for X player. You cannot start a place holder. You must notify league who the placeholder is when you make your pick.

During FAAB you can only bid on players that are in the ESPN players list. Since the waivers are system generated we cannot have you select placeholders for guys not on espn but drafted by or signed by an nhl team, like we can with the slow forum

GM Expectations – Bare Minimum

Logging in to forum

*Checking the forum every couple days during the season (Sept – April) – preferably daily. It only takes a minute or two to login to the forum and review PMs and new posts – and everyone should be pumped up for this league, we are all huge hockey fans so this shouldn’t be a chore or anything, guys should want to check it out!

*Checking the forum every week or so during off season

Private Message Responses

*Checking PMs within a day or two (you should receive email/phone notification that you received at PM) – i.e you send me a PM chances are you will hear back in the next 10 minutes because it goes right to my phone

*If you log on you should always check your PMs

*If you log on and you have PMs you should answer in a timely matter and not leave someone hanging (even if the response is: I am very busy and will get back to you tomorrow, or I need to think it over and will respond soon, etc…) – the worst is sending an offer and then have the GM log in and leave, and then you don’t hear anything back for days/weeks, or maybe they never get back to you… I know this has happened in the other league I’m in

The big thing with the draft, and to keep it moving, is if you are away for an extended period of time, you should leave a few picks with another GM. Leave it with a GM who doesn’t pick before you. If you log in and it’s your turn, you need to pick in a couple minutes. Please do not leave and come back hours later. We can see that you were online, it was your pick, and you left….

Lastly meet deadline dates (i.e. drop dates, keeeper selection dates etc...)

I think this covers the league activity expectations as well as draft details and expectations. I would recommend everyone read the league manifesto again as a refresher and bring forward any concerns or questions. These are the bare minimum expectations but we hope we have GMs that are here for more then the bare minimum! If you don't think you can make the expectations outline here then please let me know and we can discuss a solution.


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