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Forum Navigation Tips - Important!

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1Forum Navigation Tips - Important! Empty Forum Navigation Tips - Important! on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:55 pm


Don't Use The Mobile Version of this site - it won't show you if you have messages, you cannot send messages, you cannot view who else is online etc...

If you login on a mobile device click the down arrow near the top right of the screen, to change to the Classic Version (classic version looks like a full website and the mobile version only shows messages and allows you to post a message)

How to post a new thread or post a reply: There are New Thread, or Post Reply buttons at the top and bottom of each category and thread

How to send a message
: click Memberlist along the top and click PM icon on the person you want to send a message to OR if the GM has made a post you will see their avatar and details beside the post, click the PM button below their name

How to check if you have message: look beside the mail icon on the navigation menu at the top

How to refresh the site: click Home, or click picture in the banner at the top of the page - will be useful when completing any slow drafts on the forum - IMPORTANT because you can see if a new post was made (it wont just update automatically and show a new post, you need to manually refresh)

The Memberlist button
at the top allows you to see the members of the forum and when they were last online

Knowing who is online right now: It displays this at the bottom of the homepage (also handy when completing a slow draft)

Only buttons on the top menu that you will use: Home, Memberlist, Message Box (mail icon), Profile

How to tell when someone posted a new thread or reply: the icon on the left beside the title of the thread will have a red circle with a white bubble in it, the threads that you have read everything appear in blue.


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if you havent checked this out please do so. 1st point is important when using a phone and being able to see PMs (switch to web version!)


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